Woman brutally attacked in Stamford

April 14, 2010 9:39:08 PM PDT
A woman, suffering from cuts and broken bones, was left to die in a suburban alley. Who would do that to her and why? Officers in Stamford, Connecticut were trying to answer those questions following the discovery of the woman who had been brutally assaulted.

Cars rolled by the scene of the attack, while some residents stop to talk on Wednesday night.

"I hope they catch this monster," said one person.

They were expressing anger after Monday night's brutal assault.

The 37-year old woman was dragged into an alleyway near 290 Greenwich Avenue and attacked.

"In Stamford we don't usually have this kind of violence going on," Ben Joyner said.

But now, with the suspect still on the streets and perhaps still living in the neighborhood, some residents are worried.

"I'm concerned about coming out at night," Jeannette Peterson said.

Shortly before midnight on Monday a passerby flagged down police officers on patrol. The badly beaten victim was discovered in the street.

Police say the victim was found covered in blood from head to toe. She needed over a hundred stitches and suffered several broken bones.

Police are searching for the suspect who they believe acted alone.