Beefing up security after failed Times Square bomb

May 3, 2010 2:24:20 PM PDT
You would think that with all the surveillance cameras in Times Square, there would be a host of pictures of the suspect in Saturday's attempted bombing. It turns out many of the cameras in one of the busiest venues of the city don't work.

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And those that do, in this age of high definition, are remarkably low def.

Cops scoured 82 cameras to try tracking the terror suspect but so far they've released only three images.

Only one of which is a grainy view of a man they think might be involved.

"I had understood there were more cameras and better cameras and more sophisticated surveillance around here," said Ellen Boer.

In London, the 'ring of steel', has given authorities high resolution images of terror suspects, after attacks there.

The Bloomberg administration has spent millions on similar system in Lower Manhattan which centralizes feeds from public and private cameras, to cover as much of the area as they can.

But while the city won a $24 million federal grant to expand the program to Times Square, it's still in the planning stages and wasn't in place in time for Saturday's botched car bomb.

"We have to make sure that we have enough cameras under the control of the city because we can't force anybody to have cameras or maintain them or them quality," said Bloomberg.

And it's been a frustrating quest for images from private cameras in the area, many of which aren't positioned for total coverage.

That's why security consultant Sal Lifreri says the ring of steel is so important. "What'll wind up happening with the camera feeds coming in are going to be examined or looked at and we will see cameras that may need to be replaced," he said.

In the meantime, video surveillance of this major terror target will be anything but seamless.

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