Spa for New Moms on Mother's Day

May 5, 2010 3:21:15 PM PDT
Mother's Day is Sunday and you might be looking for the perfect gift for a new mom or mom-to-be. And chances are she wants something relaxing! How about a spa treatment for these women who could use a little pampering? Myrna Orellana has come to La Prairie at the Ritz Carlton Spa to get some relief. She's heading into her 5th month of pregnancy. "You get so heavy in the front and everything grows that your back starts hurting," Orellana said.

And those back aches--par for the course according Kristin Salomon from La Prairie at the Ritz Carlton Spa, "Common complaints with pregnancy are usually back pain, lower back pain especially because of the weight on the body. Also shoulder pain and neck pain."

The spa uses natural products, lotions that don't contain acids or fragrance.

Brand new moms may want to head to bliss. Danielle Fleming is new mom. She explained, "I'm hoping to smooth everything out a little bit as well as feeling relaxed. But relaxing is my second next to feeling tight again."

That's where the rookie mom rub down comes in.

"What i'm about to do is give her a very relaxing massage, but also add in a tightening masque for her abdomen," Bliss Spa worker Laura Ann Conroy said.

The oil for the massage portion is made by Mama Mio and fortified with vitamins for the skin. The masque is made of seaweed and caffeine and goes right on the belly. The new mom is then swaddled in mylar to help keep her warm while the mask firms.

15 minutes later she's unwrapped and the masque peels right off leaving mom feeling like she's getting her tummy back.