2 arrests in fatal Bronx Mother's Day shooting

May 10, 2010 3:23:59 PM PDT
New York City police have arrested two men in the Mother's Day fatal shooting of two teens in the Bronx. "Marvin died because of me," said Abdullah Mack, the victims' friend.

Agonizing over this past weekend's shooting and wracked with guilt, Abdul Mack says he was the intended target, not 2 innocent teenagers.

"We had a fight and he comes back with a gun and instead kills 2 innocent bystanders," said Mack.

15-year-old Marvin Wiggins Jr. and his friend 16-year-old Quanisha Wright were shot and killed inside the foyer on Weeks Avenue in the Bronx.

Police say 20-year-old Dexter Green and 24-year-old Robert Marshall are now both charged with murder.

The shooting happened in the vestibule where friends have been gathering wearing pictures of the innocent teenagers.

Now friends are focusing on what they're calling a final act of heroism.

"He was saving her, he was saving her!" insisted Marvin's girlfriend, Trisha.

"He didn't have no gun he was saving her! He saved a grown woman's life!" cried Marvin's aunt, MiAsia Chadwick, "Stop the violence!!!! This is crazy, please! These are babies, 15 and 16! My nephew and Quanisha were innocent! My God!"

A short walk away, there is another memorial for Quanisha Wright who had just turned 16.

Her grandmother, 86 year old Gladys Wright, has spent her entire life, she says, raising her kids and grandchildren.

"I'm mostly in a shock because I can't even cry," said Wright.

She calls Quanisha a really good girl with a bright future.

She says she now wonders why the two men charged in the murders would take away her granddaughter.

A third victim was shot in the arm and was listed in stable condition.