Searching for a spill solution

May 24, 2010 1:58:12 PM PDT
It's a stunning statement - and it'd be great if it's true.

The Coast Guard today, at the White House, proclaiming that BP is "exhausting every technical means possible" to stem the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Or is it just a matter of self-defense, given that the federal government comes in second to BP in the criticism department over the handling of this oil explosion and subsequent spill?

In public opinion polls, BP gets far tougher judgment than the feds, although both have clearly messed up. As the oil rolls ashore, and both industry and wildlife begin to get hammered, it's unthinkable, looking back, that so much stock was put into and trust given to the giant corporation that caused the explosion and the giant spill that is threatening and costing so much.

BP tonight says it will know by Wednesday if it's "top kill" operation to stop the flow of oil has been successful.

Meanwhile, the Coast Guard commander today suggested that he's not sure who would replace BP in the clean-up effort. Which, while perhaps pathetic, also shows just how intractable the situation has become. And that's why so many - including, with the possible exception of Sarah Palin, peeps who once supported off-shore oil drilling - now oppose exploration for oil in our waters.

We'll have the latest on the oil spill, tonight at 11, including the possibility of criminal prosecution, now that the Justice Dept. has asked every company involved to keep all documents relating to the explosion and the spill.

Also at 11, our entertainment reporter Sandy Kenyon is in Los Angeles talking to the finalists in the Dancing WithThe Stars show.

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