Baby pulled from pool in cardiac arrest

May 30, 2010 10:58:17 AM PDT
A 14-month-old boy is critically injured after nearly drowning in Staten Island.It happened on Brehaut Avenue in the Tottenville section just before 12:30 Saturday afternoon.

The baby,Vincent Fougere, was found by his parents floating in the pool wearing only his diaper.

A next door neighbor heard the screaming and ran down the street to the fire station, where several firefighters ran to help assist the child.

"You know when you see a parent, screaming and yelling because it's child, it's just horrifying, it gives you goosebumps because you want to do whatever you can to save the child," said Ron Hofstetter, the family's neighbor.

"We got the run that it was a baby drowning in a pool and we got to the scene, the baby was poolside and me and my guys we proceeded to do CPR and we continued doing CPR until EMS arrived," said Lt. Hector Morisi, FDNY.

Fougere was transferred to Staten Island University Hospital North and is listed in critical condition.

It's not known how the boy ended up in the pool.

Neighbors say the family recently moved in and rents part of the home and the backyard.