Birthday party turns deadly on Long Island

June 12, 2010 2:51:38 PM PDT
One person was killed, two others were wounded after a party on Long Island got out of control.

The violence erupted during a birthday party around 1:30 Saturday morning on Locust Court in Lakeview.

"From what we are hearing at this point, it was a birthday party that went out on Twitter. As that happened, multiple people started showing up. We have reports of hundreds of people, but I have not confirmed that yet," Det. Sgt. Richard Laursen said.

Police initially responded to the scene because of reports of a large party.

As they were approaching, they received reports of shots fired.

Officers found three people shot. 25-year-old Bryan Coardes of Hempstead died at the scene.

The two who were wounded went to the hospital. Their injuries were not considered life threatening.

Investigators were trying to determine what led to the gunfire.


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