Design your own fragrance

June 15, 2010 3:07:06 PM PDT
You can make your own shoes, jewelry and belts, so why not your own special scent? The popularity of personalized perfumes is spreading.

Scents can be powerful. A couple of sprays and sniffs and suddenly, you're somewhere else, deep inside a memory.

Christine Dimmick created The Good Home Company with a line of perfumes, potpourris, and cleaning products customized around fragrance. The fragrances are customizable.

"This was created with the idea of going down the country, rolling down your windows, someone's just mowed their lawn and you get this wonderful scent." said Dimmick.

Inside Dimmick's Chelsea boutique, she mixes essential oils to brew custom fragrances. She determines a customer's signature scent with a few questions. The customer gets to smell the fragrance to make sure it's just right. With some editing, Dimmick and the customer get the right mix.

From Chelsea boutiques to Bloomingdales, experts say the demand for "things personalized" is growing.

Memoire Liquid inside Bloomingdales will also create a perfume just for you.

Bloomingdale's vice president of cosmetics and fragrances, Howard Kreitzman says this is part of a larger trend, jokingly called 'the iTunes phenomenon" because the iPod has redefined what personalization is to the American consumer.

For Dimmick customizing fragrances is a dream that she wants to expand. She wants to grow Good Home and establish more stores to bottle something truly special for people.

"I hope when they take that home they get a sense of comfort. And, that special memory that's tied into that fragrance ... That keeps coming back to them," said Dimmick.

LINK: The Good Home Company
LINK: Memoire Liquid


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