Child abandoned outside Newark school

June 18, 2010 8:25:41 PM PDT
Ebony Barrett says she feels betrayed.

She says her only child, 6-year-old Anthony Williams, was off-the-radar for more than an hour after he was picked up from his elementary school.

When he didn't arrive for his afterschool therapy session at University Hospital, Ebony called an operator at Logisticare, the transportation company who left her a voicemail message saying:

"They were looking at the wrong patient. Umm. As of right now I'm trying to find out, you know, the whereabouts of umm Mr. Anthony Williams and, just to try to put things at ease. But at the moment I've been unsuccessful."

They did not know that Mr. Anthony Williams was mistakenly being driven home.

That was a problem because Ebony was attending nursing classes across town.

When school officials called to explain the mistake, Ebony says she told them off.

"Why is he with you? He's not supposed to be with you!" Barrett said.

They agreed that Anthony should be driven back to school, but when Ebony arrived, her little boy was alone on the front steps. The door was locked, the custodian had gone home.

"I just looked at him and he started crying. As a mother that really does hurt," Barrett said.

Ebony has apologies from everyone involved, along with a promise that this will never happen again.

But for a single mom raising a six-year-old boy on these streets, trust does not come easily.