Flip-flop fears: Convenient shoes bad for feet

June 30, 2010 4:08:07 AM PDT
In this summer's hot and humid weather, people are leaving their heavy shoes at home and slipping on those lightweight flip-flops. However, you might want to think again before you take another step.

While these carefree sandals are a summertime favorite, experts warn that the flimsy yet fashionable shoes are bad for your feet.

Doctors say the flat shoes are bad for the arches of your foot and gives poor support, which can lead to ankle injuries. Since your feet are constantly sliding in them, they can also cause unsightly blisters and calluses.

But you don't have to rule out flip-flops completely. Instead, make sure you choose one that secures the bio-mechanics of your foot. That means not buying what people call "slides," a simple, flat and rubbery type of flip flop, which can be more dangerous than walking outside barefoot.

Also, make sure that your flip flop matches the occasion of your activity. If you're going to the gym or in a college dorm, the simple sandals can protect you from bacteria found in public showers. If you're going hiking, or for an afternoon walk in the park, leave the flip-flops at home.