NJ woman wins in broken lease dispute

Seven On Your Side
July 8, 2010 3:23:51 PM PDT
Getting out of a lease on an apartment can be difficult, but it can be done if you take the right steps. However, you must be sure to take precaution or else you might find yourself stuck in a bind. A local woman thought she got out of her lease, until her landlord came after her for thousands of dollars she claimed she didn't owe.

"They were determined to hold me a responsible for a mistake they made," said Boudreau.

Carla Boudreau is used to drama. After all, she's acted in T.V and in movies. She is most noted for her bit played in the comedy, "Saving Silverman."

But Boudreau wasn't laughing when she received a collection notice last year; they claimed she owed more than $4,400 to her old apartment complex at Chatham Hill Apartments in New Jersey.

"They were trying to bully me into paying a bill that i didn't owe," said Boudreau.

Boudreau problems began in 2008, when she wanted to move out. She gave Chatham Hill 60 days notice to break her lease. The management office signed off on it and they gave her a letter stating that she gave proper notice. Other than her utility bill, no fees were owed.

"I got a letter that said 'I'm good to go. Go ahead and move out. There won't be any penalties.' so i left," said Boudreau.

However, shortly after Carla wound up getting billed for fees and rent until Chatham hill filled her

apartment. The bogus bill even went to collections, which tarnished her sterling credit report.

After receiving notice, 7 On Your Side contacted Chatham hill as well as their parent company, home properties. They knocked the bill down to less than $600, her collection agency has been notified, and a letter of apology has been issued.


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