Rare tick-born disease surfaces in Lower Hudson Valley

July 23, 2010 2:42:32 PM PDT
A rare tick-born disease is on the rise in the Lower Hudson Valley.

It's called Babeosis

Like Lyme disease, Babeosis is spread by infected deer ticks. But unlike Lyme, there's no bullseye rash. In fact, some patients have no symptoms at all. Others report feeling fatigue and loss of appetite. As the disease progresses some experience fever, profuse sweating muscle aches, and headache.

Dr. Gary Wormser runs the infectious diseases department at Westchester Medical Center. He says people over 50 with compromised immune systems are at greater risk, but in most cases Babeosis can be treated with antibiotics.

Wormser stresses the importance of checking for ticks after spending time in wooded areas or backyards.

He says anyone who comes down with a high fever this time of year should now suspect Babeosis.