Mystery stroller on the move in Brooklyn

August 18, 2010 10:47:48 AM PDT
A mystery in Brooklyn, where a white baby stroller has been abandoned.

It was left at one intersection in Park Slope, then it was moved to another intersection.

It has a lot of people in the neighborhood wondering where it came from, and the message behind it.

Carolyn Tuggle has been a crossing guard there for nearly three decades and says this tops her list in terms of weirdness.

"It's startling the first time you see it, my wife was really upset when she saw it the first time," said one parent.

Folks are not only curious about the concept of the white washed stroller but with the fact that it actually moves, at one point it was around the corner at Union and 6th. A few days later on the south side of Berkeley and now is on the north side, at least temporarily.

"I think someone else is going to come along and move it from this corner, maybe to get your attention," said Tuggle.

What does it represent, if anything, are the flowers tucked neatly in its seat, a symbol for something. Just who is the mastermind or prankster behind the white stroller? There's the thought that maybe it's someone who is not a fan of kids.

The NYC Street Memorial Project puts up dozens of ghost bikes around the city at sites where cyclists have been killed but this seems different.

"We haven't found any evidence of any kind of fatality take place where the stroller has been placed," said Nat Meysenburg.

Eyewitness News checked with the police and he's right.

For now, eagle eyed neighbors say they will keep watch and let us know if the stroller moves again and who's pushing it.