Tips to help keep your home bed bug free

August 19, 2010 2:42:17 PM PDT
Eyewitness News talked to an expert about how you can help keep your home free from bed bugs.

The chances are slim, but Mike Bubolo wants to be sure.

He's having his house inspected for bed bugs after his daughter came back from camp with red marks on her arm.

An independent contractor called "Inspector K9" uses a dog to check for the pesky parasites, by far the most effective method.

If there's a positive finding, a visual inspection follows.

It is the kind of work that has kept JP McHale Pest Management busy.

But, can you keep bed bugs from entering your home or apartment in the first place?

Experts say that's tough.

McHale says you can try to visually inspect your clothing if you think you've been exposed to bed bugs say at work.

When traveling, it's important to protect your luggage.

McHale says he's found bed bugs on folding suitcase stands in hotels.

Some products will heat your bag to a temperature that will kill any bugs and eggs.

Also, cover your mattress and box spring, because 98% of bed bugs will be concentrated around where you sleep.

Zippered enclosures are a must McHale says for any college student living in a dorm.

In the end, the Bubolo home was declared bed bug free.

Experts say early detection is key for successful eradication.

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