Which low-carb diet is healthier?

September 7, 2010 3:11:12 PM PDT
Results of a major study on low-carb diets are out - specifically, which type is healthier in the long run.

When you eat lower carbs and more protein, you get a smaller belly and less fat.

Over 100,000 men and women who ate that way as a lifestyle divide into two groups. Those who used meat and cheese and milk for their protein and fat, and those who used plant products such as rice and beans and oils for theirs.

After twenty years of tracking, eating animal products links to slightly more deaths. Eating plant products led to fewer deaths.

The association of higher deaths with animal product and fewer deaths with plant products were small, in some cases not even significant. However, the study points to more facts that is basic.

Animal fat such as that in milk and meat raises your blood cholesterol and increases heart attack risk. Plant fat, such as olive oil, lowers cholesterol and lowers your heart risk.

Add some other plants such as fruits, veggies, and you have a healthy diet, low carbohydrate or not.

"You can add some animal protein to get variety, non-fat dairy products. But, low fat turkey or chicken without the skin but in small amounts," said Wahida Karmally, Dr. P.H. and R.D. of New York Presbyterian Hospital.

So think plants, and these other things. Eat the right portions and a balanced meal and exercise.