Health Aide caught on tape abusing patient

September 14, 2010 2:33:12 PM PDT
The images of abuse are disturbing, after a 91-year old woman suffering from Alzheimer's and a host of other health issues is slapped, punched and violently prodded by her home health care aide in New Jersey.

The victim's daughter could barely watch. The family said 52-year old Carmen Pereira had been working for the elderly victim for 11 years.

"I was furious, heartbreaking to see you're own mother abused," said Bernadina Samin.

On the video tape, Pereira can be seen shoving a suction tube into the victim's mouth, striking her face, and slamming her down on the bed. The cruel and heartless behavior was captured in late August on a webcam, set up to allow family members from all over the country to keep up with their elderly mother and grandmother. Pereira obviously didn't know it was recording her continuously, 8 hours a day while the victim's family went to work.

"I have 30 years in law enforcement and I have a tough time watching the video," said Chief Thomas Comey with the Jersey City Police.

Family members grew suspicious and reviewed the video after noticing bruising on the victim's face. When confronted with the damning evidence, Pereira somehow denied doing anything wrong.

Pereira worked for the Loving Care Agency in Jersey City. Employees there wouldn't open the door for Eyewitness News, but their spokesman issued this statement:

"This action committed by its former employee is reprehensible, unacceptable, and has resulted in the immediate termination of the employee," said Abe Kasbo.

As disturbing as the alleged abuse appears on video, Jersey City police only charged Pereira w 2 third-degree crimes. In fact, she's already out on bail. Police say they're considering additional charges.