NJ cleans up after violent, fast-moving storm

September 23, 2010 2:59:04 AM PDT
A nasty storm battered parts of the New York-area Wednesday night, leaving thousands without electricity and causing damage on Long Island and in New Jersey.

The storm arrived quickly and loudly, with soaking rains, lashing winds and dangerous lightning. New Jersey caught the worst of it.

Toppled trees blocked streets in Englewood, while in New Brunswick, live wires fell on a Blood Services van on Easton Avenue. The driver had to be rescued.

Power lines were spread out across Middlesex County like string, leaving several neighborhoods in the dark. There was a close call in Teaneck after a large tree snapped in two and barely missed falling on a house.

The storm didn't cause as much damage as last week's tornados, but it still caught people off guard. Residents said it tore into the area with a howl, but just minutes later, everything was quiet.

Road crews and firefighters were scrambling all night to clear roads and help people in need.

It was more of the same on Long Island, where lightning lit up the night skies. Crews in Brookhaven were clearing trees from roads and collecting debris scattered by the violent storm.