A new trend in custom order potions

September 28, 2010 3:11:04 PM PDT
"It's very calming and soothing to the skin."

Larry Costa literally cooks up skin care products, a mixer to make scrubs.

This is Spa Lab on West 36th Street, where customers have a say, have a treatment in the back, and a say in their skin care.

"I think department stores dictate and I make it for them," Costa said.

Yes, there are ready-made items, but Larry likes to discuss a client's skin care needs and then customize products with certain ingredients or fragrances.

A couple of squirts and some mixing, and you leave with a tailor-made product.

Now for a customized products that is a little racier.

Order up a drink at Oralfix, an aphrodisiac cafe. "Oralfix is inspired by 3000 years of aphrodisiac human history," Jessica Vaccaro said.

Figures, the Museum of Sex would come up with the idea - a sultry bar area where you can learn a bit of history. Cards explain the potent qualities to certain substances and elixirs. Roses, for example, are big in ancient Rome.

"The woman stuffed was a huge turn on," Vaccaro said.

You can order one of the drinks off the menu.

"It gets you in the mood," she said.

Or create your own.

"Be daring. We have all these different potions after that," Vaccaro said.

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