New charges against NYC cop-killing suspects

October 27, 2010 2:15:58 PM PDT
The men convicted of killing police officer Russel Timoshenko are facing new charges related to the incident.

Again, having seen her son's killer, Tatyana Timoshenko left Queens Court on Wednesday vowing to see that he now pays for yet another crime he is accused of committing.

"I will feel much better if justice is going to be served. And those people not only did they kill my son, but they tried to kill another person before," said Tatyana Timoshenko, the officer's mother.

37-year old Dexter Bostic and 37-year old Robert Ellis were back in court now accused of shooting and robbing another man, Carl Field, from Queens.

The day before, Bostic turned a gun on NYPD officers who had pulled him and two other men over during a routine traffic stop in Brooklyn in July of 2007.

Officer Russel Timoshenko was killed in the hail of gunfire and his partner, Herman Yan, was wounded.

"They tried to kill before; they killed one of New York's finest. We want to make sure these two maggots never ever walk the streets," said Pat Lynch, the P.B.A. President.

Dexter Ellis is serving a life sentence for killing Officer Timoshenko.

A third man, Lee Woods is serving 40 years.

Ellis though, is serving 15 years for weapons possession.

"Richard Ellis did not get what we expected in that courtroom in Brooklyn. We hope here, he is found guilty on the evidence," Lynch said.

Dozens of officers and detectives joined the Timoshenko family.

They filled the court room as Bostic and Ellis were arraigned on the new charges.

Some still were wearing patches to honor their fallen officer.

They have long provided support to Tatyana and Leonid Timoshenko.

"I don't know. My hands shaking, my legs shaking, I just hope this will be the last court for this," said Leonid Timoshenko, the officer's father.

The family has endured so much, and now to see that justice comes once again, they say they will endure even more.

If convicted, Bostic faces up to 25 years to life in prison and Ellis faces up to 25 years in prison.

District Attorney Brown said that, according to the charges, Carl Field, who was 20 at the time, was standing on the corner of Sutphin Boulevard and 109th Drive talking to a friend just before 5 a.m. on July 8, 2007, when a gray Porsche Cayenne being driven by Ellis stopped at the corner. Bostic allegedly exited the vehicle holding a silver .45-caliber handgun and began shooting.

Field attempted to run, but was shot once in his left leg, the bullet shattering his femur and causing him to fall to the ground. It is alleged that Bostic then approached Field and demanded money. Field allegedly handed over $1,800 in cash, a chain and the keys to his vehicle. Bostic and Ellis then allegedly fled in the Porsche.