City high schools continue to show improvement

November 3, 2010 2:46:28 PM PDT
New York City high schools continued to show overall improvement in the annual progress reports.

Schools Chancellor Joel Klein released the fourth annual reports for 422 New York City public high schools on Wednesday.

After years of steadily rising graduation rates and increasing numbers of students on track to complete high school in four years, the City raised the bar for high schools to earn higher grades on their Progress Reports. Even with a higher standard, the distribution of grades is similar to last year's. In all, 40 percent of high schools earned As, 29 percent Bs, 21 percent Cs, seven percent Ds, and three percent Fs. Last year, 45 percent earned As, 29 percent Bs, 19 percent Cs, seven percent Ds, and less than one percent Fs.

Chancellor Klein made the announcement at Manhattan Bridges High School, one of the highest-scoring high schools in the City.

High school Progress Report grades are based on student attendance rates, progress toward graduation, and graduation rates, and the results of parent, student, and teacher surveys.

Overall, Klein said this year's Progress Reports showed students improving across these measures, with schools opened since 2002 leading the way.

You can see the reports by visiting