Gunman targets car windows in Brooklyn

November 5, 2010 3:40:25 PM PDT
A trigger happy gunman in Brooklyn has been using car windows for target practice.

"It was a big hole," Michelle Rosario said.

Someone took out two windows in Rosario's Dodge Caravan Tuesday night while it was parked on Prospect Park West. The rear and rear driver's side were both shattered by bullets.

"I was pissed off. I was so upset because I was on my way to work," she said.

She got it fixed that day and parked it in a different spot on 6th Avenue overnight.

Thursday morning, it happened again.

"My son, as we were walking to the car, said, 'Ma I pray it didn't happen to us again' and soon as he said that, I looked into the front window and saw that the back window was shot out," she said.

Three windows in two days. That's $1000 in damage.

Rosario is thankful to be covered by her insurance company. But she quickly found out, her car wasn't the only one in the neighborhood that someone used for target practice.

"I thought it was just my car, but some woman I know happened to be walking up the block, and said no, on every block we've been to there's at least two cars on every block that has windows missing," Rosario said.

Joey's Auto Glass has repaired about 18 shot out windows in two days, all of them shot out.

Some of the incidents happened along Prospect Park West, Prospect Ave, 6th Avenue and 18th Street.

"A lot of cars were shot out with pellet guns, mostly back window and side on minivans," Joe Guerrieri said.

Investigators are still trying to determine who is behind the vandalism and why. Until then, Rosario's minivan will be parked elsewhere.

"I'm not going to park it in the neighborhood over the weekend. I hope they catch whoever did it," Rosario said.

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