Housing Works money benefitting HIV/AIDS

November 17, 2010 2:36:38 PM PST
Housing Works is known for it's second hand stores. The stores around the city raise a lot of money in the fight against AIDS.

Eyewitness News took a look inside a Housing Works Health Center in Brooklyn.

For many New Yorkers, Housing Works is simply a place to get good second hand stuff or make a charitable donation of their own stuff.

But for some 20 years, it's actually been a life line for people affected by or infected with HIV and AIDS.

The money raised in the 10 Housing Works stores across the city helps fund a long list of services including case management, job training and health care.

The Housing Works in Brooklyn is a little different because it focuses on women, which represents the changing face of HIV/AIDS.

"We're seeing a lot more women, specifically women of color, that are afflicted by HIV/AIDS in New York City," said Dr. Maria Ghbur.

For more on a public sale benefiting Housing Works, go to : www.housingworks.org.

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