Police warn of burglary scam on Long Island

November 24, 2010 2:34:05 PM PST
Authorities are warning people on Long Island about a burglary scam.

The suspects pose as fence or utility workers. When you agree to help, one of them slips in the home and takes your stuff.

Dr. Abramham Ostad had heard about the scam, but is normally wary of strangers at the door anyway.

"Especially these days. A lot people come in different circumstances and you don't know who they are," Ostad said.

This is how they work. Two men will usually approach an unsuspecting homeowner.

They then try to distract the homeowner by saying they have to gain access to the backyard and ask the homeowner to lead them there.

Once back there, the accomplice has time to slip in the front and begin stealing items from the home.

Nassau County police say they saw this sort of scam in other communities earlier in the year.

In Old Westbury, police say the description is vague, but the men are believed to be of either Armenian or Middle Eastern decent, driving a dark color van.

Homeowners in any community are urged to be on the alert.

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