Doctor accused of sexual harassment

December 20, 2010 2:44:29 PM PST
Three women are accusing a doctor of sexual harassment at the office where they worked.

No criminal charges have been filed at this time, but the case is being referred to the Nassau County Prosecutor's Office.

Lawyers for the former employees of the Long Beach, Long Island doctor called reporters to their Carle Place offices on Monday to finally go public with their story.

For more than two years, the co-workers say their boss, Dr. Edward Kleiner, sexually harassed them and made life at their offices a living hell.

The women say the doctor routinely touched them inappropriately and exposed himself to them.

They have accumulated pictures and texts that include offers of sexual favors.

They also showed a picture of Dr. Kleiner allegedly bringing a blow up sex doll to a holiday party and another photo allegedly of the doctor reaching under the dress of a woman sleeping on a couch at another party.

The women never went to the police, saying they feared they would lose their jobs.

However, in October all three say they were fired because of their objections surrounding an artificial insemination patient. They say the doctor asked a couple to engage in sex in a closed room at the office and then he wanted his staff to witness the insemination.

We left messages for the doctor and no one answered at his home. His office was closed, but on the wall you can see many commendations for his work in the community and for the 3 fire departments he works with during his off hours.

Kleiner has no prior charges against him. The State Department of Health is not saying yet what if any action it will take in this case. For now, he is still in business.

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