Major F train renovation project begins

January 4, 2011 3:20:19 PM PST
F on the F train could soon stand for frustration if you are one of half a million people who use the line every day.

That's because a major renovation project is about to start that will last for four months.

Just looking up it was pretty obvious the elevated Smith and 9th Street station is already under renovation.

"They been working on this station for about 10 years," said one rider.

And if you're one of those straphangers who are frustrated with that, now comes phase two.

There will be disruptions which mean riders will have to take shuttle buses, creating more potential headaches for the hundreds of thousands of riders who rely on the F and G daily.

"It's going to prolong my commute, just doesn't seem fair," said Lenore Rivers, a subway rider.

Phase Two includes:
- No Manhattan-bound F service at Smith-Ninth St. Station.
- No Manhattan-bound F or Queens-bound G service at the 15th Street Prospect Park and Fort Hamilton Parkway stations.
- Manhattan bound F and Queens-bound G trains will stop at a temporary platform accessed via the Coney Island-bound platform at the Fourth Ave.-Ninth St. Stop.

It's all in an effort to spruce up some of the city's aging stations.

Subway rider Antoinette Murphy said that she likes what she's hearing.

"Much better, this station is tore up," Murphy said.

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