Schumer calling for tougher action dealing with beach erosion

January 10, 2011 2:49:44 PM PST
As yet another storm churned towards Robert Moses State Park, it is hard to imagine how much more of a beating the beach could take.

The beach has suffered major damage after the monster storm Christmas weekend.

The beach has been rendered all but useless.

Overnight, one of Long Island's most precious resources literally washed away during the last storm. The beach used to extend almost three times as far out into the ocean.

Today New York's senior Senator Charles Schumer surveyed the damage for himself and blamed FEMA for making the problem worse.

"It hurts the beaches and it hurts the taxpayers of long island that are already strapped," said Sen. Schumer.

After last year's storms, the state fronted the cash to replenish the beach, but since then, local leaders say they've drowned in oceans of red tape, waiting over a year to be reimbursed.

Even worse, FEMA never got around to approving dredging projects that could have minimized damage.

Now, Schumer wants to set a deadline after every storm. Schumer wants just 90 days for FEMA to act, giving local leaders the cash and approval to make repairs quickly.

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