NJ school districts running low on snow days

January 20, 2011 8:24:53 PM PST
For school children, Friday may be yet another snow day in what has quickly become a difficult year for administrators.

Take the Ringwood, New Jersey School District for example.

Already this month, classes have been canceled twice for snow and there has also been a delayed opening.

The district's built-in snow days are quickly melting away.

"I would rather the kids go to school," said one parent.

Parents across the region are now waiting for word from their children's schools, with another snowstorm heading this way to pile onto what's already on the ground.

"It's extremely disruptive," said Erin Biegel, a parent.

Biegel has three children in the Ringwood School district.

She's a working mom, and all the snow storms so far this school year have added another layer of worrying.

"Academically they haven't had a full week since before Christmas. It's been very difficult," Biegel said.

But, it's about safety says Hugh Beattie Ringwood School's Superintendent.

"How would you describe night leading up to a snowstorm?" Eyewitness News asked.

"Sleepless, stressful," Beattie said.

The district's buses carry about 1,300 students along winding and hilly roads.

Overnight his team will be monitoring road conditions as they decide whether to delay or cancel classes.

"We'll look at it throughout the night and make a decision probably by 4:30-5:00," Beattie said, "Perilous roads out there always have to keep in mind the kids come first."

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