Snowy winter for New York City

January 25, 2011 8:19:06 PM PST
You're not imagining things. If this feels like a brutal winter, it is because it is.

We're on pace to break records this winter season as we brace ourselves for yet another major storm.

Some New Yorkers have had it with the snow.

"It's the worst, I've had it, it's horrible," said one person.

The winter of shoveling and plowing rolls on, with one storm after another bearing down on the northeast.

There is an explanation for what amounts to a storm a week.

The experts point to "La Nina", which is a cooling of the Pacific Ocean that causes global temperatures to cool down.

And there's something else, north Atlantic oscillation.

"Again a technical term, but it's really important driving our weather here," Thomas Downs said.

Thomas Downs studies weather trends.

"This high pressure from Greenland is blocking this cold air from sliding out into the Atlantic. Every one of these storms it's the same pattern developing, generally the same pattern. If the right storm track is there you end up getting walloped by snowstorms," Downs said.

And that's what has happened here so far this winter, 37.1 inches of snow.

We're barely halfway through the season and we're close to the record breaking pace of the winter 1995 to 1996.

Back then Mother Nature dropped almost 76 inches of snow on New York City.

It has been a frustrating winter for a lot of people.

Another fact that you might chew on during the next storm: three of the top 10 snowiest months in New York City's history have all occurred in the last few years.

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