State Senator says to spy on your kids

February 2, 2011 5:19:38 AM PST
State Senator Eric Adams is telling parents in a video posted on YouTube to spy on their children.

The state senator, who regularly inspects his son's room and belongings, says it is the only way to guard against drugs and guns.

"The first amendment does not apply to the right of parents to go through their homes to remove contraband or any other unsafe items," said State Senator Eric Adams, of Brooklyn.

Call it a "how-to guide" or a call to action.

State Senator Eric Adams' new video, which was showcased on YouTube, is designed to educate parents.

The online clip features the former New York City cop showing how to check for items like drugs or guns that may be hidden in the home.

Like, maybe in a bookshelf or a child's backpack.

"Look through it to see what exactly is your child carrying in addition to a book, something as simple as a crack pipe," Adams said.

Adams has said the video's aim is not to teach parents how to spy on their kids, but to show them how to protect their homes and families.

"I am so happy, Bravo Eric Adams," said Jackie Rowe Adams, of Harlem Mothers Save.

Anti-violence advocate Jackie Rowe Adams is among those applauding the video.

She lost two sons to gun violence has spent years calling for more parental involvement.

"A lot of parents would say, 'No, not my child,' but yes your child," Rowe Adams said.

Rowe Adams, like Adams, believes questions about privacy and trust take a back seat when it comes to finding trouble before it finds you or your children.

"A lot of kids could have been saved if these parents actually did their jobs like they were supposed to," Rowe Adams said.

Sen. Adams says they video is just one part of a multi-pronged approach to reduce street violence and empower parents.