Man allegedly attacks landlord, shoots at police

March 3, 2011 2:35:59 PM PST
A Brooklyn man is accused of attacking his landlord and then allegedly shooting at police.

"Whoa, we didn't know what happened," said a neighbor.

Neighbors say they still can't believe how many bullets were flying on 84th Street in Dyker Heights Wednesday morning.

Several cars were damaged by the bullets.

There is no doubt 33-year-old Derek Gallo was angry.

Police say he pistol-whipped his landlord and then fired at police at least eight times.

The question is why?

Neighbors told Eyewitness News that Gallo used to be a construction worker until he lost his job and then his car.

"He was laid off for months. He couldn't get a job, it was very stressful for him, and he couldn't accept it, you know," said Nick Arpino, the suspect's neighbor.

But perhaps, he also couldn't accept the fact that he was about to go to jail after another shooting in Brooklyn last March.

Gallo's landlord was unwilling to talk about Wednesday's attack.

Police added that Gallo also hurled a 25-pound bag of plaster at them, and before he surrendered, he also threw numerous items out his 2nd floor window, including a lamp, a sneaker, a chair and possibly more.

"To me it looked like it was money," Arpino said.

Police handled themselves with restraint and never fired a single shot.

Meanwhile, Gallo eventually kicked his gun off the window's ledge, and after an hour of chaos, he gave himself up.

Derek Gallo is being arraigned in criminal court on six different counts of attempted murder because of what happened, and that's in addition to the weapons charges he already faces from last year.