Syosset Superintendent makes nearly $400k

March 8, 2011 2:38:46 PM PST
The top earning school superintendent in New York State is on Long Island, pulling in nearly $400,000 in salary alone.

But, a proposed cap by Governor Cuomo would slash the Syosset's superintendent's salary by more than half.

Rebecca Deckmer says she is annoyed by administrators and their huge salaries, which increase class size and take away from other areas of spending in Syosset.

Superintendent Dr. Carole Hankin earns more than $386,000 a year, with benefits she brings in close to half a million dollars.

At a board meeting Monday night, residents defended Hankin who has been criticized for being overpaid.

In fact, Governor Cuomo is now proposing a cap that wouldn't allow annual incomes to exceed $175,000 a year in the largest districts.

One third of the state's 650 superintendents make more than that figure, and the cap would save an estimated $15 million.

The Syosset School Board defended Dr. Hankins salary in a statement saying, "We believe her compensation is commensurate with her value to our district."

But some taxpayers say Hankins six figure salary doesn't add up, especially in these tough economic times.

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