Bold burglars hitting homes in New Jersey

March 25, 2011 2:33:05 PM PDT
A warning from police in New Jersey about a series of bold break ins.

The burglars hit three times in Sparta over the past two weeks. They are targeting expensive homes.

Officials are trying to determine if the burglaries are connected to an even bigger crime spree.

They are hitting million dollar homes: 5,000 square foot homes with major alarm systems.

Police say these burglars are bold, going right through the front door.

Plus, they cut phone lines to the house to disable any alarm systems and rip apart any back-up alarms the minute they are inside.

Police say this ring does not care what alarm system they encounter or who might be at home.

An hour after sunset on Thursday, a woman was home in her bedroom when her house was hit. She was frightened, but not harmed.

Police are telling homeowners to make it look like someone is at home - keep your lights on and watch your neighborhood for strange cars or people.

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