Harry Potter exhibition in New York

March 31, 2011 2:43:52 PM PDT
For Harry Potter fans that cannot get enough of the books or the films, there will be an extra thrill to enjoy.

A new Harry Potter exhibition is making its way to New York.

The exhibition will feature over 200 items from the Harry Potter movies such as the costumes and props.

As you enter the exhibition you are transported into the world of Harry Potter. You first walk down the Great Hall loaded with amazing props that really make the experience come to life.

While in the Great Hall, guests are greeted by Harry Potter and his wand, then birds fly into the hall to give Harry Potter his broom. These are a few of the very familiar props that fans will recognize right away.

The props, along with the Harry Potter music playing, help give the illusion that you have magically been transported into the world of Harry Potter.

It is a mutual gratitude for Harry Potter and his fans. The young wizard was responsible for getting a whole generation of kids reading, and fans' love for Harry Potter was responsible for turning seven popular books into eight high grossing movies.

Eddie Newquist is the mastermind behind the Harry Potter exhibition. His goal was to display the most popular props from each of the films, so that fans would get the sense of familiarity. "We wanted to pick fan favorites." Newquist said. "With each film, it's amassed new items. You'll see plenty of familiar characters."

Newquist's exhibition has already traveled to other cities, with great fan fare.

Another feature in the exhibition is Hagrids, the half giant. "Imagine what a full giant would look like, and then take a look at his little bed" Newquist said.

The exhibition also features such popular props as the Griffin dorm, and creepy little things called Mandrakes.

Newquist promises that everyone who visits the exhibition will feel like a wizard themselves.

The Harry Potter exhibition opens April 5th and runs through September 5th in Times Square.

If that isn't enough for Harry Potter fans, the last Harry Potter movie opens July 15th.

LINK: www.harrypotterexhibition.com/