Police search for man who attacked boy on bus

March 31, 2011 8:27:08 PM PDT
Police sources tell Eyewitness News that they may be close to making an arrest in the brutal and unprovoked attack on an 11-year-old Bronx boy riding a school bus.

"He just started punching me in the face," said Jameel Grant, the victim.

His eye is still swollen and bruised and it's been nearly a week.

Grant was pummeled by a man who jumped on a school bus carrying the 11-year-old and other special needs kids.

Jameel's assailant got on through the unlocked back emergency exit at a corner near P186 in the Bronx and then jumped off the same way.

"He's tired of everybody cursing at his niece," Grant said.

Jameel says the man started yelling he was sick of kids swearing out of the window at his niece and then targeted the fifth grader who claims he'd done nothing wrong.

Jameel hasn't been back to school since the attack.

Understandably, Jameel says he will feel a whole lot safer when his assailant is caught.

The good news is that police got a good description from a number of witnesses.