Torch workout focuses on leadership

April 19, 2011 3:00:04 PM PDT
One class at P.S. 132 is about leadership and about physical fitness.

Right in the class room or the hallway, it's unconventional perhaps, but so are the teachers, who are part of a group called "Bartendazs", a name with significance.

The students learn right from wrong and get focused through movement.

Since the program launched in the fall at this school, the principal's seen a difference.

It could be a great thing for adults.

Now the physical fitness component is the basis for a new class at equinox and is taught by the very same crew.

The moves are very much the same, often very basic moves that actually can help adults get excited about exercise.

The class at Equinox is called "Torch".

The idea is to bring out that internal light.

It is very much what the instructors are hoping to do with the kids as well.

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