Long Island town plans surveillance network

April 26, 2011 2:09:48 PM PDT
A Long Island community fed up with a rash of home break-ins and countless robberies is now fighting back.

Kings Point is planning to install nearly four dozen security cameras throughout the community - cameras scan license plates.

The first of forty four high tech cameras soon to be installed in the village is already up to guard against any outsider whose intentions are less than pure.

"We're gonna watch him drive in the village and when he leaves he'll drive out," Police commissioner John Miller said.

Miller says the system will monitor the comings and goings at nineteen intersections, the only ways in or out of the village.

The cameras will scan and save the license plates of every car that drives by. So if a crime is committed, cops will have a ready-made list of suspects.

Privacy advocates say the cameras are just too invasive.

"The problem is it's an example of the government stepping in and intruding into our private lives, in the name of safety and security," Samantha Frederickson of NYCLU said.

Police promise video will be deleted after two weeks, and that license plate records will stay secure.

"You have a larger problem where people are terrified now," Miller said.

In a community recently rocked by a series of home invasions and burglaries, we couldn't find one person who actually lives here and finds fault with the plan, which will cost village taxpayers a million dollars bonded over 20 years.

Residents say it is actually a small price to pay for peace of mind.

"If someone doesn't belong there, is it invading their privacy in any way or cutting down their liberty? Not at all," one resident said.

"If it's gonna be safe for all the neighbors, I don't think there's anything wrong with that unless you're trying to hide something," said another.

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