Prosecution's closing arguments in NYPD rape trial

May 17, 2011 2:17:53 PM PDT
Closing arguments are still underway in the trial of two NYPD officers charged with raping a woman.

Tuesday, the prosecution made its closing statements.

It was the Assistant District Attorney's last chance to sway the jury.

Colleen Balbert argued that the evidence is there to convict.

Officer Kenneth Moreno is charged with raping a drunk woman inside her East Village apartment.

His partner, Officer Franklin Mata is accused of helping out.

District Attorney Cy Vance was in the courtroom as well.

Balbert explained, "They had a pretty 27-year-old in that apartment who was drunk, alone and vulnerable. And they didn't want anyone to know that."

They are seen on surveillance video walking into her building four separate times.

Officer Moreno claims that the woman asked for help, so he returned to counsel her on alcohol abuse.

"This has nothing to do with checking on [their accuser] this is about Officer Moreno wanting to have sex with [the alleged victim]," Balbert said.

The defense attorneys emphasized in their summations the lack of physical evidence.

Balbert boiled it down by saying, "These two were supposed to be New York City's finest, but on December 7, 2008 they were New York City's worst."