Photo released in Jersey City rape case

May 25, 2011 2:44:08 PM PDT
The Hudson County prosecutor is hoping a photo may lead them to a man suspected of raping a woman early Sunday morning on Bergen Avenue near Fairmont.

The prosecutor's office says the man attacked a woman from behind and forced her into a building, where he raped her. Eventually, he was scared off by a neighbor.

The woman told police her attacker was a black man about 5'7, physically fit wearing a short sleeve shirt and a red baseball cap.

By the time he was caught on surveillance camera, you can see he was shirtless without the cap.

About a half mile away from where Sunday's rape happened, another woman was brutally attacked back in March. She was grabbed from behind and dragged into an alley where she was raped for more than 30 minutes. She gave police a very similar description.

Right now police can't say for sure if the two attacks were committed by the same man, but women in Jersey City are urged to be aware and take precautions.

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