For a Group of friends, the Harmony Seems Effortless

June 3, 2011 2:04:28 PM PDT
Harmony seems effortless for group of friends who sing together.

The harmony seems effortless for Dell, Rodney and the snappy dresser on the end, Prince Daniels.

"We meet at 9 in the morning at 57th street and 7th avenue, that's under Carnegie Hall... We start our day, we warm up and we pray"

Every day begins with thanks because these friends feel genuinely thankful to have found each other.

"There were some things in our lives that caused us to stumble - trials and tribulations and bad relationship ? a bad, crazy relationship with a nutty girl. I played a part in it, but I ain't played a major part. I was just a pawn...she was a chess queen. She was the queen! (Laughs)"

They started singing together 2 years ago and named their group "God's Creation, Second Chance" "it means that god gave us a second chance to do it right this time. What do you want to do right this time? Well, keep the focus on what we're supposed to do that's what we're doing now ? walking the path. It's a narrow path!"

But these friends walk it together, and sing themselves along 6 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sure, recognition would be nice - so would money, but these gentlemen will tell you that right now at least, they have exactly what they need.

"Well the main thing I can say is the joy and happiness I get from these guys - when I'm with these guys, it seem like all my troubles are just gone, you know? Everyday's a blessed day that we can be together. "Whoa lord...I'm not tired yet...woooo!"