June 1st means lots of places to save money

Seven On Your Side
May 31, 2011 2:07:48 PM PDT
Timing is everything, especially when it comes to savings.

With tomorrow being the start of June, some of the best deals of the season start to kick in.

But the key to spring savings is not where but what you buy. )

June is not just for brides, after all it's Father's Day in a few weeks, and that means sales.

So for the early part of the month it's a great time to save on power tools or other do it yourself items dads might want and you can get for less.

And while you're at the hardware store, check out paint prices. Retailers usually discount paint on both interior and exterior paints during the warmest months of the year.

And how about finally fulfilling that New Year's resolution to get in shape?

In June, gym memberships are discounted. Summer months are traditionally slow at gyms. You should bargain for extra months and get gyms to waive the initiation fee.

And how about toasting all these savings with a glass of champagne. In June you can get the bubbly for less. It's all because the June wedding season gives a kick to sales and discounts.

Also you'll find deep discounts in June on men's suits, because of Father's Day.

Butter is also discounted this month. Usually prices are the lowest because production is the highest in June and July.

If you freeze butter, it will stay good for 6 months.


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