Puff the Magic Dragon

June 14, 2011 2:03:10 PM PDT
I love rock 'n roll. But the truth is the music group I've seen more times in concert than any other isn't a rock group.

It's Peter, Paul and Mary. Or, at least, it was.

I bring this up because one of the best things about my job is the work we do with various community groups and good causes. Typically that means emceeing events, and today I was lucky enough to emcee the New York City Mission Society annual awards luncheon.

Peter Yarrow, the Peter of the musical trio, was an honoree. And I introduced him.

I've been fortunate to have come to know Peter over the years. It is virtually impossible to overestimate the impact of Peter, Paul and Mary on this country as artists and agents of change and activism. And Yarrow could at this stage of his career rest on his plentiful laurels.

But it's not in his DNA. And his work on behalf of children which is why he was honored today and against violence and especially bullying means, at least to me, that Peter Yarrow is perhaps doing his most important work right now.

So that's it. Lucky me. Because being with Peter Yarrow is like being with a wonderful tornado of positive energy and optimism. And I'm taking it with me the rest of the day, at least!.

With that as prelude, on to tonight's 11 p.m. newscast.

Hard to imagine what's going through Anthony Weiner's head these days. The humiliated New York Congressman supposedly in some kind of rehab or treatment center in an undisclosed location ? has become, depending on which politician you listen to, a distraction, a cliché, a punch line of late-night comics, a joke, a disgrace, pathetic. Or any combination. Or all.

President Obama issued perhaps the most powerful advice yet. Powerful, because when the President of the United States, and the leader of your political party, says that, if he were you, he'd resign, well, it's hard to imagine that most people wouldn't resign.

It's also, I'm guessing, how most people believe they'd behave if for some gawdforsaken reason they found themselves in Weiner's situation.

His wife, a close aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton- is arriving overnight from a trip overseas with Ms. Clinton.

Weiner has said he doesn't want to take any action until his wife returns. She's now pregnant with their first child, and to some it seems sweet that he wants to consult with his wife, in person, before deciding to end his political career.

But others argue that these days there's this new thing called cell phones and email, and that the distraction in government that Weiner cannot be excused because his wife is out of town.

We're following the Weiner saga, tonight at 11.

We're also taking a closer look at Amtrak's beefed-up security efforts. They started after Osama bin Laden was killed, and experts started analyzing the rants and strategy on the terrorist's computers.

Now, Amtrak going public with its anti-terrorism plans. The railway's chief of security testified to Congress today that the threats by terrorists are real. So what are the plans? We'll have the latest, at 11.

And Broadway making news tonight: The opening, again, of Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark. The most expensive production in theatre history, after an extensive and controversial extreme do-over, re-opens. Lucy Yang is covering the opening for us at 11, and our entertainment editor Sandy Kenyon reviews the musical.

We'll also have any breaking news of the night, plus Meteorologist Lee Goldberg with his AccuWeather forecast, and Rob Powers with the night's sports, including the latest on the condition of the Yankees captain Derek Jeter, who injured his calf last night.

I hope you can join Sade Baderinwa and me, tonight at 11.


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