Many rush out to buy air conditioners due to heat

July 20, 2011 2:20:24 PM PDT
Con Edison says it will have extra crews and support personnel available to respond to any service problems that occur during the intense heat this week.

This is high season for air conditioning repairmen.

For those who haven't purchased an AC yet this summer, many were out doing that Wednesday afternoon.

Stacked up right by the front door, retailers like PC Richard & Son are ready with air conditioners for the customer who can no longer bear the torrid heat.

Ross May, Jr. came ready with his research, and with Jermaine's help, got the right unit.

"I got what I wanted. It's the right energy efficiency. It's the right price for my pocket, and we can walk out with it right now," May said.

They couldn't wheel it out the door fast enough.

It will be a cooler evening for the May family.

Back inside, John Rodriguez was looking too.

"I'm looking for a mobile unit actually that I can take from room to room because I'm on the ground floor, got gates on the windows and I can't put the air conditioner there," Rodriguez said.

Also heating up, is the number of service calls for repair work on the larger central air conditioning units.

Workers from Yost & Campbell were replacing the condenser unit at one home.

"There are a lot of people who don't have air conditioning with health issues, maybe small children or even elderly people, so it's important to get out there quickly and service them and make sure they are up and running with the air conditioning," said Tom Monahan, President of Yost & Campbell.

With three window units in his home, Rocco DeMarco is now thinking about central air.

Also, sometimes you should consider replacing a unit.

"They are generally about a third more efficient than the older units," Monahan said.