New mouth guards said to improve performance

July 21, 2011 2:04:50 PM PDT
We all know that mouth guards protect your teeth in sports.

But now a new one has hit the market and it promises not only protection but better performance.

In fact, it works so well, Derek Jeter even uses it, but is it right for you?

"It's extremely important, especially when you get to the sixth, seventh mile and you hit a brick wall," said Sean Kaufman.

That brick wall-cramping, caused by a build-up of lactic acid.

The Armour Bite Mouth Guards are designed to position an athlete's jaw forward and more open to take in more oxygen, which means less lactic acid.

"As any athlete knows lactic acid is what kills you in the third quarter of hockey game, you don't want that," said Lawrence Calcano, Bite Tech CEO.

Sports medicine specialist Dr. Louis Peter says he's advised his patients to give the product a try.

"Except for the cost there's no downside and except for the difference in performance or endurance if you're participating at a higher level it may be worth it," said Dr. Peter.

Especially now that there's a more affordable version.

For the last two years, you could only get a custom-fitted mouthpiece, which would set you back $300 to $500 and would require a trip to the dentist. Now the company has a $60 version that you can buy at most sporting goods stores and that you can fit yourself.

The mouth pieces come in two versions, a mouth guard for contact sports like lacrosse and football, and a mouth piece that can be used while doing non-contact sports.

Yankees star Derek Jeter uses one and so does Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps.

Children as young as 8 can wear one, and bite tech is considering expanding its marketing beyond athletes.

Several women have told the company that during the birth of their children, they found the Armour Bite was helpful in controlling their breathing during labor.