City says roads improved, some drivers disagree

August 4, 2011 2:27:56 PM PDT
Some New Yorkers may not agree, but the city says the roads are in the best shape they've been in for years.

While driving down certain streets in New York City, the shock absorbers sound like they're in shock.

The Department of Transportation contends that the streets are the smoothest they've been since 2005.

"Yeah we've filled more potholes than ever before and the condition of our streets went from 70 to 72% state of good repair," said Janette Sadik-Khan, the DOT Commissioner.

"We find that hard to believe. Just last September, the road improvement program from Washington, DC rated 53% of New York's roads as poor and we went from 53% to 70% good in just 11 months, that's, it's just hard to say. Don't take our words for it. Talk to the motorists," said Robert Sinclair, Jr., AAA Spokesman.

A National Transportation Study finds that urban drivers spend over $400 a year on upkeep and repair just because of poor road conditions. Uneven roads can be a factor for your car and your health.

The DOT says they've filled something like 419,000 potholes since last winter, spending more money than ever before on their road repair problem with Mayor Bloomberg committing an additional $2 million to rehab chewed up streets.

Plus, the DOT will pave longer into the next winter season thanks to a new type of asphalt.

"It's not great but they're trying. There are a lot of roads," said a driver.