Gas leak, water main break in Washington Heights

August 12, 2011 7:41:28 PM PDT
A gas leak and water main break have left 5,000 customers without gas in Washington Heights.

The break at St. Nicholas Avenue and West 152nd Street happened around 1:00 p.m. Neighbors reported hearing an explosion.

Around 150 customers are also without water at this time.

Con Edison anticipates customers being without gas for the next several days at least, and say it will likely take longer before all gas is restored.

They need to check every individual apartment and home before restoring gas to customers.

Con Ed crews are on scene right now and will continue to remain on scene until all customers have been restored.

St. Nicholas avenue is closed between 150th and 153rd Street as crews first repair the gas leak.

Con Edison is asking any customers in the area to notify ConEd if they smell gas. They should call 800-75-CONED.

Once the gas leak is repaired, officials said crews will go to work on the water main break. There's also a large sinkhole on St. Nicholas Avenue that will need repair.

Meanwhile, MTA says some service is also impacted by the break:

The A line is running local from the 168th Street Station to the 59th Street-Columbus Circle Station.

The B line is running express from the 170th Street Station to the 59th Street-Columbus Circle Station.

The D line service has fully resumed.

More updates on service are available at

What caused the gas leak and water main break remains under investigation.