Long Beach ready despite Irene's interruption

September 2, 2011 5:29:55 PM PDT
Friday, workers removed the last reminder of Irene's weekend arrival in Long Beach.

A giant crane attempted to hoist the lifeguard shack back into position, but was unsuccessful. They will try again on Tuesday.

Eyewitness News was there on Sunday when the massive storm surge picked the shack off its foundation and slammed it right into the boardwalk.

"Here we were Sunday, we were under water. And now it's Friday, and look what's happening its just great," said Charles Theofan, city manager.

City manager Charles Theofan says his town is back in business, just in time for the prestigious Quiksilver Pro Surfing Competition.

It's set to attract 30 of the world's best surfers to Long Beach, to compete for a million bucks.

But planners were forced to cancel a major part of the two week event, a massive musical festival, which would have attracted tens of thousands of people to five concerts a day.

"Just would have been fun to see a concert just a few blocks from my house," said Nicole Frascone, a resident.

Its disappointing news for people who live in the area, but it's downright dismal for shopkeepers like Patty Berkowitz.

"We were expecting a lot of people to come in that are not coming now," Berkowitz said.

To get ready for all those people, she stocked up on thousands of dollars in supplies for her frozen yogurt shop.

She even considered hiring private security to handle the crowds she was promised she'd see.

Now, instead of recouping revenues Irene washed away last weekend, Berkowitz fears she fears she'll enter the fall season behind, at a time when every dollar counts.

"I won't do as well as I thought I would," Berkowitz said.