The execution of Troy Davis

September 22, 2011 1:24:23 PM PDT
So Casey Anthony is set free despite strong evidence that she was guilty of murder - and Troy Davis is executed despite strong evidence that he wasn't.

I've had this nauseous feeling in my gut since last night, when the U.S. Supreme Court denied Davis' final appeal to stay the execution.

Davis was convicted of killing an off-duty cop in Georgia back in 1989. He has always maintained his innocence - no surprise, since many if not most people on death row do. But Davis' case became a cause célèbre and the focus of worldwide controversy when 7 of the 9 witnesses against him recanted their testimony, and raised questions of serious police misconduct and pressure in the case.

The decisions to turn down his appeals hinged, many felt, on technical arguments rather the overarching issue of justice denied. How in the world can a man be put to death with so many questions surrounding his conviction? That was the rallying cry for many who took up the case.

And no matter what you think of the death penalty, the one thing that's certain is that once invoked and carried out, there's no turning back. Did an innocent man die of a state-administered lethal injection last night? There are many who believe he did.

And there are also many who believe race - as it has in so many death penalty cases - once again played a role in this execution. The number of blacks facing the death penalty is disproportionately out of whack to the number of whites, and similarly out of whack to the percentage of the black population in the country.

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Also at 11, we're taking a closer look at the big day tomorrow at the U.N., where the Security Council will hear the Palestinians' proposal for statehood. Support is growing among many of the member nations, and the Palestinians, sensing the trend, have released a couple of advertising spots promoting the notion, talking about peace and prosperity and turning, in essence, swords into plowshares. They are powerful campaign tools.

Meanwhile, President Obama and the U.S. find themselves in a tricky political situation. The U.S. has, for the past two decades, supported the idea of a Palestinian state. It wants the Palestinians and Israelis to negotiate the issue - and there's enormous logic to that, given that the two peoples have to live side by side.

But it hasn't happened. And with the Middle East erupting this year in a kind of throw-the-bums-out movement that, at times, embraces the notions of democracy and self-determination, the Palestinian quest isn't that surprising.

N.J. Burkett is on the story for us, at 11.

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