Two charged in prostitution double-cross

September 28, 2011 6:12:00 AM PDT
Two people are accused of double-crossing men who wanted to pay for sex.

When the men showed up, the suspects allegedly posed as cops who black-mailed them.

It was supposed to be a tryst in a car in a secluded parking lot, but police say a 32-year old woman who advertised sex for money was neither a prostitute nor was she a cop, as she later claimed.

Police have arrested Shatai Dungie and her boyfriend, Nyrhande Thompson, who they say extorted money from johns who answered online ads.

Police say the pair advertised on Craig's List. Although the site has pledged to eliminate sex ads, many vaguely worded listings still appear.

In one case the victim met Dungie at a motel in Croton. Police say once Thompson burst in, both suspects claimed to be Westchester County detectives. They then allegedly drove the victim to an ATM and forced him withdraw a thousand dollars to make the charges disappear.

Police have charged the suspects with six counts each including grand larceny by extortion and impersonating a police officer.