Flanders residents rescued from flooding

September 28, 2011 1:47:54 PM PDT
A rain storm caught a lot of people off-guard in New Jersey on Wednesday.

Some people had to be rescued from the fast-moving waters in Flanders.

One woman says she was standing on the step at work, 10 feet away as the flash flood rolled across Bartley Road Wednesday morning, sweeping up a dozen cars, and some were occupied.

Firefighters used a big truck to bring those folks to higher, drier ground.

One of the cars the flood carried up the road, slammed into a tree, on top of a garage roof.

The two-car garage was smashed and carried off into the woods by the water.

The same house lost a shed too.

It survived only because it got hung up on the utility pole.

As quickly as it came, the water receded, as drains were cleared.

Crews began the clean-up, towing cars, clearing debris, and trying to get in touch with Pop Pop who's on vacation, to tell him his garage is gone and the backyards are left a mess.