Expansion of Virgin America will help economy

October 20, 2011 2:04:53 PM PDT
Four years ago, Sir Richard Branson created an airline. Now, he's back to expand it with a million-dollar replica of the "Inside" of a Virgin America Jetliner.

The "Inside" is a simulator that shows crew trainees can learn how to properly load bags in the bins and board the aircraft, among other things.

Those who have been inside the Inside say it is the finest cabin trainer there is in this land. They'll even use the simulator's real working ovens to serve real food.

Ultimately, the Insider symbolizes Virgin America's intention to expand in the US by adding airplanes, crew and of course, providing jobs. But, the airline is using the simulator to improve its customer service.

"I must admit I've always been baffled about the way the airline industry doesn't seem to worry too much about its customers," says Branson. "I mean, it's just like herding cattle on board planes and herding them off."

And it seems to working.

The larger airlines trim and consolidate while Virgin America expands.

Branson considers adding jobs in the US a responsibility.

"I think every company in America that's got any spare cash should be out there expanding and creating jobs. That's the way to get America on its feet again," he says.

Branson is planning to add some 500 jobs every year for the next few years through Virgin America.

What new cities will they add to their schedules? That is one thing Branson is still keeping a jumbo size secret.